School Day Programs


Let us bring a dynamic and interactive educational experience to your school or classroom that will engage and inspire your students.  Our curriculum based program is custom tailored by grade level for pre-schoolers through fifth grade. 


Our PSM On Wheels traveling museum curriculum will change quarterly. The students will take an in-depth look into different culture, arts, and STEM fields.  

Put it On:  Grab your smock and get ready to create a masterpiece at our art station! 

Try it Out:  Let's create & explore! We will offer hands-on learning activities for your students. 

Take a Look:  Learn about the different objectives being taught through children's books!

Early Childhood: 

We bring the educational and developmental benefits of our Play Street Museum's physical location into your school. We will arrive on your site in our custom Airstream® trailer filled with stimulating STEM and creative play exhibits that inspire and engage kids.

2nd - 5th grade: 

The PSM On Wheels trailer and exhibit area is geared for early childcare - 1st grade, However, we are thrilled to have an exciting interactive Marble Run Experience for grades 2-5! 

As you enter the marble run construction zone you will see wooden blocks and accessories including: tilting buckets, bells, musical ramps, sound staircases, and whirlwinds. 

Some students enjoy exploring individual pieces and seeing how each one works, while others experiment with putting multiple pieces together.  This is a great way to explore problem solving and cause and effect as the students will find out almost instantly whether their design works or needs modification.  

The Marble Run Experience can be set up in an extra classroom, gym or common area!




What are Educators saying?

“The marble run was a great experience the students were able to conduct experiments with motion, force, and gravity.  The hands-on experience was invaluable for my students, but it was also great fun!  There is a huge difference in seeing what students learn in class in real life.  They could be creative with the building and then move pieces around to make their marble run work better and faster.”  
Jody Hoffman, 5/6 grade GT science teacher
“The Play Street Museum On Wheels was a great day for our students.  They could hardly wait for their time to play.  The equipment was authentic, but fun and engaging.  I especially like that they received the rules before they began playing, so clean up was more of a game than a chore.  Our students are still talking about the day Play Street came to their school.  We hope our parent organization will support Play Street Museum On Wheels to come back in the Spring.”  
Marsha Cawthon, Principal